The same principle that makes mothers lift cars off trapped babies can potentially work for you!

Controlled Fatigue Training


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Dear Friend,

Let me tell you upfront:

Your chance to reach your peak physical potential is slim to nothing - no matter how hard you train – and it’s NOT because you didn’t follow the rules.

The fitness industry does not want you to know that … but if you learn the facts behind human conditioning and how your body is programmed to thrive, you will shake your head and realize that almost every popular exercise program today, including resistance training, is in the best case only partly beneficial. It can NOT and will NOT yield the results you deserve.

You will be surprised to learn how your fitness goals may have been compromised by false ideas. Yes, even your desire to build big muscles needs to be re-examined.

The truth is: Virtually all exercise programs today are missing one fundamental principle – a biological factor that without it, human fitness has no purpose, and training regimens are useless.

That is –

The Survival Principle

Whether you know it or not, your survival dictates everything that you do. Like other species, you are inherently programmed with a primal survival machinery, responsible for keeping you alive at all times, and particularly in times of adversity.

Your survival machinery enables you to swiftly react to danger, fight or flee if necessary and endure extreme physical hardship. If repetitively triggered, it will increase your mental and physical readiness, boost your energy, improve your muscle and brain function, and increase your immunity to disease.

Your vitality depends on your survival machinery - this is how your body is programmed to thrive. But there is more to it -

If Pushed Far Enough, Your Survival Machinery Will Kick In To Unleash Super Natural Power

If pushed to its extreme limits, your survival machinery will kick in to unleash supreme physical and mental power, far beyond what you ever experienced. Beyond even your own imagination. Yes, the same survival mechanism that makes mothers lift cars over trapped babies, can potentially work for you!

And that’s exactly what modern fitness fails to acknowledge.

Modern Fitness Is Not Survival-Oriented

Modern fitness programs have been miserably failing to even recognize this principle. Your survival machinery remains dormant due to inadequate physical activity and wrong nutrition. Most fitness programs today are simply not sophisticated enough. Their training and nutritional protocols lack solid principles. Their impact is random, limited, or counter-effective.

Here Are Some Facts That No One Likes To Talk About:

The vast majority of gym members are not in any viable shape. Just go to any gym in your area and check for yourself. You’ll notice how most trainees look soft in spite of exercising regularly.

Even more disturbing is the fact that those with the big muscles are not necessarily the ones who perform best – a strange yet highly notable phenomenon. This is exactly the one thing that bodybuilders are afraid to admit and muscle magazines will never print:

An Overgrown Muscle Can Be a Liability

The muscle and fitness industry does not want you to know this. An overgrown muscle is biologically inferior; it’s predominantly made out of easily fatigued fibers with a low fueling capacity and limited energy. This is the undeniable reality that fitness and muscle magazines will never print.

The typical bodybuilder’s body is destined to be dysfunctional!

If you examine how the human muscle is programmed to endure hardship, you’ll realize that today’s muscle guy wouldn’t possibly survive extreme primordial conditions that existed on this planet millenniums ago. His big type II B muscles would have reached a state of paralysis if engaged in survival activities. The muscle type product of today’s bodybuilding is known for its inability to sustain strength.

From an evolutionary point of view, the bodybuilder’s body type would have been rendered FAILURE. If it did exist in the past, it would have most certainly become extinct. This is not a joke! Hall of fame boxing coaches and martial arts masters have been already aware of this phenomenon.

The Typical Musclehead’s Body Is NOT Conditioned For Fight or Flight Activities.

A fighter (or an athlete) who exclusively follows a bodybuilding routine will sooner or later realize how detrimental it is for his speed, explosive power and endurance. Bodybuilding is a show business, not a sport. Its premise is primarily visual, not performance.

But your need to be in a prime fighting shape is neither aesthetic nor professional – it is a biological need. This is how your body is programmed to thrive.

Don’t take my word for it. Just look at the mountains of evidence all throughout history and out in the real world. The ultimate survival professionals were always the warriors – Spartans, Gladiators, Romans, kung-fu fighters, etc. From the greenest recruit to the elite of the elite, you could have never caught them doing bench presses…warriors routinely practiced fighting drills; their survival was at stake and their lives depended on their physical skills, not their look. Sure, warriors were muscular but their muscles were built with strong and durable fibers, geared for fight or flight activities, not for a show.

Defense Nutrition Controlled Fatigue Training

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Fight or Flight Activities Are The Origin Of All Human Exercises

The survival of the species depends on its ability to initiate and sustain fight or flight activities. Each species has its own unique fight or flight program. Watch how puppy dogs and kittens are playing – jumping, striking, wrestling, biting or scratching each other – spontaneously practicing in accordance with their inherent survival mechanisms – preparing themselves for becoming independent adults, capable of living in the wilderness. The human species isn’t different from other animals. Fight or flight activities are the origin of all human exercises. You cannot deny your own nature. You must train in accordance with your innate biology.

But the truth is all but denied and suppressed today.

Nowadays, rarely do we need to fight or flee - most of us are intimidated by the very thought of this. The vast majority of us prefer being sheep. And most of those who attempt to act like wolves still eat and train like sheep.

So are you a sheep or a wolf? What do you want to be? And what do you need to do?

You need to condition your body to be in a fighting shape.

You need to condition your body to be in fighting shape, even if you don’t practice fighting – the same way you need to nourish your body with vitamins and antioxidants even if you’re not sick. Regardless to your gender, and what you may have read, heard or thought, this is how your body is programmed to achieve its peak potential.

Is Practicing Boxing Or Martial Arts Sufficient?

Unfortunately not. There is a notable difference between practicing fighting techniques and developing a fighter physique. It is common today to practice fighting techniques, without sufficient emphasis on the fighter’s physique – consequently, a typical martial arts student (or a boxing student) will rarely be able to endure a real life fight, if the situation occurs.

Learning fighting technique is just not good enough. A fighter lacking fight conditioning isn’t just compromising his strength, speed and endurance - he might be risking his life.

Let’s be honest – there is no such a thing as a “safe fight”. There is no guarantee! As a fighter, you must condition your body to be in top shape – be able to not just initiate action, but most importantly, sustain alertness, strength and speed – and be capable of enduring extreme hardship and protecting yourself at all times.

And the same holds truth even if you are not a fighter.

You owe it to yourself, to be in the best human shape possible – develop a most functional, energetic and inherently powerful body.


Controlled Fatigue Training CFT

What Is CFT?

Defense Nutrition's Controlled Fatigue Training (CFT) is a survival-oriented physical conditioning regimen, which taps into the body’s fight-or-flight machinery and force total body adaptation for extreme hardship.

What’s Special About CFT’s Drills?

CFT is designed to mimic the impact of extreme combat activities. The idea is to repetitively hit your body with special “shock drills” that shift your body into a survival mode, while increasing your capacity to react to changes, sustain power, and come back with a vengeance when extremely fatigued.

What Distinguishes CFT From Other Programs?

What makes CFT different is the methodical combination of strength, speed, and special durability (the capacity to endure intense hardship). This is the first regimen that exploits this combination to its extremes.

Does CFT Work Isolated Body Parts?

CFT does not work isolated body parts. Exercising isolated body parts may yield nothing more than a dysfunctional collection of body parts.

Is It Possible To Get Results With Moderate Training?

Moderation is FATAL to fitness!

Human conditioning requires intensity. Scientists have been finding growing evidence that our brain, muscles and hormonal system respond ONLY when sufficient physical and mental stimulations are applied. The more you challenge your neuro-muscular system, the more likely you’ll become physically and mentally advanced. And vice versa: The less challenging your training is, the more likely you’ll face stagnation and regression.

Can CFT Grant Results?

If you have the heart for this, you’ll notice within a few sessions how your body starts transforming itself - you’ll feel a steady increase in your energy along with the capacity to sustain strength and resist fatigue.

Does CFT Teach You How To Fight?

CFT does not teach you fighting techniques, nonetheless, advanced CFT drills can be as brutally intense as fighting can get.

Can You Incorporate CFT With Other Physical Conditioning Programs?

CFT can be incorporated with other physical conditioning programs including resistance training, cross fit, and sport-specific regimens. To accommodate your sport specific priorities, CFT can be adjusted with different emphases on strength, speed/velocity, or endurance. It principally increases the level of difficulty on the athlete - making the training harder than the sport itself.

Does CFT Require Extra Nutritional Support?

A CFT trainee may need extra nutritional support. The wear and tear of this regimen on the muscle and body must be addressed with proper nutritional compensation.

Given the fact that the typical diet is deficient in key amino acids, antioxidants, and immune supportive nutrients, which are largely missing or destroyed during cooking or processing, it’s imperative to grant sufficient intake of essential, and metabolic supportive nutrients from foods or food based supplements.

A chronic deficiency of even one single essential nutrient whether it’s a vitamin, a mineral, or a key amino acid, could lead to metabolic set backs with severe consequences on the muscular system and overall health.

If you’re engaged in CFT or any other intense physical routine, you must protect your muscle against oxidative damage with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory nutrients. And you must feed your muscle right after training with quality fast assimilating protein to block the catabolic effect of exercise, and initiate recovery and growth.

Your best choices include non-denatured whey protein, and plant based multi-vitamins and antioxidant supplements.

Defense Nutrition Controlled Fatigue Training

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Nutrition for Extreme Performance!

Defense Nutrition's Warrior Athlete Kit was created to serve as the only 100% natural alternative to today’s sport nutrition product packages commonly made with inferior proteins, synthetic vitamins, chemical additives, artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohol, refined sugar and hydrogenated oils, known for their health shattering, muscle deconditioning effects.

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Defense Nutrition

Defense Nutrition

Success Stories

" Ori Hofmekler is the absolute Master of the the hybrid, glycolytic/oxidative pathway. His work in sustained-strength protocols is nothing short of revoutionary and one would hope that his unique approach, exemplified by the savage training ethic he demonstrates in this video, would gain the widespread traction it deserves. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this video reinforces the validity of that ancient cliche. "
- Marty Gallagher

" I am 23 now and have no intent of living any other way. By incorporating all of your magnificent products including the Warrior Whey and following CFT program, I have obtained astonishing results. I started at a weight of 120lbs and have increased my lean body mass to 170lbs all while never going above a 9% fat percentage. I feel stronger and more resilient than ever. It has been fun to see the improvement of all the top shelf products you sell. "
- Nick LoScalzo

"I stayed the same weight (~160, 5'10") but lost 2 inches on my waist (crazy for a skinny guy). I haven't measured my fat percentage yet. It was ~8% last december. The challenge started Dec 31st and Ended April 20th. 4 months."
- Emeka Okorafor

"The philosophy of the Warrior diet is one that is close to my heart. In a society that is becoming ever more indulgent, the Warrior diet stands out as a set of balancing guidelines to proper eating and clean living. A Spartan lifestyle is a Warrior lifestyle. The Warrior diet isn't one of unnecessary deprivation. Rather, it's one of innate balance."
- Marc Withheld

"Ori's was a great mentor for me during this time. Yes, perhaps I could of pulled it off myself, but why not tap into a great mind. Ori not only went out of his way to help me, but also gave his heart and soul to it as if he was doing it. The man is one of a kind. I am looking forward to learning even more about nutrition and conditioning from him in the years ahead. "
- David Grisaffi

"I can really recommend Ori's books and especially his telephone coachings for all athletes, who want to make their "Warrior Diet" perfectly customed for their metabolism, body types and efforts of their specific sports and disciplines!"
- Jurgen Reis (Austria)

"... after finishing the three week weight loss program I was down 11 lbs. and my energy was through the roof. Now I was right in the middle of the holiday season with all the parties and events planned I was a little nervous but I had realize that I had learned that with the right combination of foods and with the addition of the Controlled Fatigue Training (CFT) this would not be an issue. I was able to knock off another 4 lbs. I enjoy the holiday season like never before."
- Carolyn Izzo-Feldman

"I refuse to graze all day, I have better things to do. I choose The Warrior Diet."
- Pavel Tsatsouline

"In a era of decadence, where wants and desires are virtually limitless, Ori's vision recalls an age of warriors, where success meant survival and survival was the only option. A diet of the utmost challenge from which users will reap tremendous benefits."
- John Davies -- Olympic and professional sports strength/speed coach

"The Warrior Diet certainly defies so-called modern nutritional and training dogmas. Having met Ori on several occasions, I can certainly attest that he is the living proof that his system works. He maintains a ripped muscular body year round despite juggling extreme workloads and family life. His take on supplementation is refreshing as he promotes an integrated and timed approach. The Warrior Diet is a must read for the nutrition and training enthusiast who wishes to expand his horizons."
- Charles Poliquin -- Author of The Poliquin Principles and Modern Trends in Strength Training, Three-Time Olympic Strength Coach

"In my quest for a lean, muscular body, I have seen practically every diet and suffered through most of them. It is also my business to help others with their fat loss programs. I am supremely skeptical of any eating plan or "diet" book that can't tell me how and why it works in simple language. Ori Hofmekler's The Warrior Diet does just this, with a logical, readable approach that provides grounding for his claims and never asks the reader to take a leap of faith. The Warrior Diet can be a very valuable weapon in the personal arsenal of any woman."
- DC Maxwell -- 2-time Women's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, Co-Owner,Maxercise Sports/Fitness Training Center and Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy East

"I think of myself as a modern-day warrior; businessman, family man and competitive athlete. In the 2 years that I have been following The Warrior Diet, I have enjoyed the predators' advantage of freedom from the necessity of frequent feedings. I also benefit from the competitive edge of being a fat burning machine. My 12-yearold son, who is also a competitive athlete, has naturally gravitated towards The Warrior Diet. He is growing up lean, strong and healthy, unlike many of his peers, many of whom, even in this land of plenty, are overweight and frequently sick. Thank you, Ori, for writing The Warrior Diet."
- Stephen Maxwell, MS -- 2-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, Co-Owner, Maxercise Sports/Fitness Training Center and Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy East

"An original, distinctive, and highly satisfying diet plan, The Warrior Diet is meant especially for those who pursue an active lifestyle."
- Midwest Book Review

"Nothing tugs at your purse strings like the promise of a fat-burning miracle, but let's face it: the weight-loss industry is $35 billion fat, and sometimes it seems that the only thing getting thinner is our wallets. Well, we've had it. We've spent the entire year searching, researching, tasting and testing so you don't have to waste precious time or money. We're so convinced that we've found 2002's 25 best (the fastest, easiest, cheapest and most effective) get-fit solutions, that we are awarding them a prize...FIRST'S first annual Slimmys for weight-loss excellence. When it comes to diets, we weed the godsends from the gimmicks and give you the very best every issue. But our pick for best of the best? The Slimmy goes to...The Warrior Diet."
- First For Women Magazine, December, 2002